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Toilet Training  

Toilet Training Your Kitten 
How long should it take your kitten to become toilet trained? 
Cats will naturally look for litter to toilet in. So long as you have enough litter tray available (there should be at least 1 tray per cat in a multi-cat household), and the tray is in a quiet area of the house, cats normally will find them appealing enough to toilet in. Changing used litter daily will help encourage kittens to use them frequently. 
You can register your kitten online today or you can contact us to speak to one of our friendly Ryedale Vets healthcare experts. 
Should kittens be let out to toilet in the garden? 
Kittens should ideally be kept indoors until neutered (see our Kitten Neutering section). If they are let out and go missing they run the risk of being mated or mating another cat, which can lead to unwanted litters. 
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