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Kate Recchia is our resident physiotherapist who has been practicing since 2017. She has a degree in veterinary physiotherapy and is a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP).  
Veterinary physiotherapy is a holistic form of treatment used to help animals with chronic conditions, pain management or after an operation - much in the same way that physiotherapy is used in humans. Kate uses techniques such as massage, joint range of motion and mobilisation exercises as well as providing an exercise plan tailored to the needs of each individual animal. 
Kate works with both the veterinary team and with you as an owner to plan realistic goals for your pet. So, whether it be returning to normal walks, returning to work or just to improve or maintain quality of life, physiotherapy treatment helps pave the road to recovery. 
What signs may indicate your pet may benefit from physiotherapy? 
· Decreased activity levels or slowing down on walks 
· Stiff after lying down 
· Reluctance to jump 
· Limping 
· No longer wanting to play 
· Change in personality 
What are the benefits of Veterinary Physiotherapy? 
• Reduction in muscle pain or discomfort 
• Improvement in movement and flexibility 
• Improvement in balance and coordination 
• Identification of compensatory problems 
• Increase in muscle mass and strength. 
How long is a physiotherapy session? 
Each appointment lasts around 30 minutes. Sessions are carried out at our Helmsley practice on Wednesdays and you can stay with your pet for the duration of the appointment. 
What can I expect in the physiotherapy session? 
The appointment will start with a head to toe assessment of your pet to identify any areas of discomfort, muscle tightness, muscle loss or problems with movement. Treatment will then take place and exercises to carry out at home will be demonstrated to help with any issues identified. 
How many sessions will my pet need? 
Follow up appointments can be booked in as necessary for your pets individual needs and you'll be able to contact Kate by e-mail with any questions you may have between appointments. 
Contact us today to book your appointment. 
PLEASE NOTE: If you are not currently registered with Ryedale Vets, we will be required to request your pet's clinical history from your current vet. 
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