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Settling Them In  

Settling Your Kitten In 
What can we do to make our home friendlier for our new kitten? 
It can be a scary time for kittens when they are moved from their place of birth to their new home with new people. There are a couple of pheromone plug-in diffusers which can keep kittens calm and help them settle in. 
• For all households, the ‘Feliway’ diffuser releases a pheromone designed to keep all cats calm. 
• For households with multiple cats, ‘Feliway Friends’ releases a pheromone designed to help cats get along when meeting for the first time. 
Please contact the practice for more information on the benefits of using Feliway. You can also register your kitten online today. 
How do we get rid of these nasty worms? 
Socialisation is key. When they are young, kittens will be very inquisitive and try to explore everything in their new environment. Making new experiences (such has being handled or hoovering) as calm and positive as possible will help encourage good behaviour as they grow. Cats like routine a consistency so try to use the same food and litter as the breeder and make any changes gradual 
Download our Kitten Guide below to find out more. 
Want to learn more? 
Click on the link below to download our Kitten Healthcare Guide. 

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