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Many of us are guilty of occasionally spoiling our pets. No less than one third of UK household pets are overweight or obese! This could cause arthritis, diabetes and liver disease, to name but a few, causing unnecessary pain for your pet. Our weight clinics can help you avoid this. 
What happens at the first clinic? 
Our qualified Veterinary Nurse will set a target weight and feeding regime. They will then chat to you about how to start the weight loss programme. The same nurse will provide help and support throughout your pets weight loss, ensuring continuity of care. 
What happens after that? 
The nurse will weigh your animal and fill in the weight loss chart. You can discuss any aspect of your pets weight loss programme, including diet and exercise, with your nurse in a private consultation room. 
When do weight clinics run? 
They are usually held on weekdays between 9.30am - 11.00am or 2.30 - 3.30pm but times can be flexible. At the start, patients will need to attend fortnightly, then monthly. 
How can I book my pet in? 
Please ask your vet on your next visit about whether your animal should be referred. 
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