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Microchipping Your Puppy  

Microchipping Your Puppy 
Do we need to get our puppy microchipped? 
Since the 6th April 2016 the law has stipulated that all dogs over the age of 8 weeks must be microchipped and registered to an owner/keeper. If a dog is found without a microchip the owner/keeper will be given 21 days to comply with the law or risk a fine of up to £500. 
Microchipping your puppy is also the best way to get them back to you should they ever become lost, this is why we have always recommended microchipping in dogs. 
Whose responsibility is it to keep the microchip details up to date? 
It is the owner’s/keeper’s responsibility to ensure the details registered to the microchip are kept up to date. Failing to do so can also result in a fine. Microchip details can be stored with a number of different microchip companies. At Ryedale Vets we have the ability to scan and read your dog’s microchip number, so we can let you know who you need to contact to update the microchip details. 
If you want to discuss microchippping you puppy further, you can contact us to speak to one of our friendly Ryedale Vets healthcare experts or you can register your puppy online today. 
What details will be registered with the microchip? 
The details registered to a microchip usually include some of your own details including, name, address and contact telephone numbers or e-mail should anyone need to contact you if your dog is found. They will also take some of your pets details such as breed, colourings, age, whether they are neutered and any medical conditions that are useful to know about. 
How big is a microchip? 
About the size of a grain of rice. 
Is it painful when the microchip is implanted? 
The needle to implant a microchip is slightly larger than a standard vaccinating needle so can cause a little pain, but this usually only lasts a few seconds, after which most puppies are none the wiser. 
Do puppies still need a name tag on a collar if they are microchipped? 
Download our Puppy Guide below to learn more. 
Want to learn more? 
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