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Waiting until your pet is vulnerable, ill or suffering to put things right can be stressful and costly. We believe it's better to take a preventive approach to your pet's health. We therefore offer affordable Pet Health Plans. In order to try and make preventative healthcare affordable to every one of our clients we are pleased to offer monthly payment plans for our “Healthy Pet Club”. 
This is the years' total cost of flea, worm treatment and vaccines split into 12 monthly instalments, plus some extra benefits such as free nurse appointments and money off diets. This means you can come for your pets annual health check and walk out of the practice without paying a penny at the time!! 
How will my animal react? 
What's included 
Flea and worm treatment 
Regular check-ups 
Discount on select food 
Discount on neutering 
Is it like pet health insurance? 
No. It is the cost of preventative health care spread over the year by making monthly direct debits. Pet insurance is like car insurance – providing you with financial cover in the case of unexpected veterinary costs. We would recommend both. 
Is there an age limit? 
No. Our Pet Health plan is designed for any age of pet - dog, cat or rabbit.  
How often do I pay? 
You pay by Direct Debit once a month. 
How can I find out more? 
Please contact us for more information. 
For more information please contact us by telephone 
(24 Hour Emergency Service):  
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