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Vaccinating Your Puppy  

Vaccinating Your Puppy 
Why do we give vaccinations? 
Vaccinations are injections we give to puppies as a scientifically proven way to protect our loved ones against potentially fatal diseases. They work in the same way as the vaccinations we give to children, and are just as important. 
What do we vaccinate for? 
Canine Distemper ‘hard pad’ – A highly contagious viral disease causing flu like symptoms and neurological signs which can be fatal. 
Parvovirus – A virus causing severe often fatal haemorrhagic diarrhoea. 
Leptospirosis – A bacteria carried by rats and found in some rivers. There are 2 different types covered in the vaccinations one causes liver failure and the other kidney failure. The immunity to leptospirosis wanes with time and this is the main reason that we give dogs an annual booster. This is the most common infectious disease we see in the Ryedale area. 
Canine Infectious Hepatitis – A virus which causes potential fatal liver failure. 
If you want to keep your pet covered against these potentially fatal diseases throughout their life, our Health Plan can help.  
You can also register your puppy today or contact us to speak to one of our friendly Ryedale Vets healthcare experts. 
When should be give vaccinations? 
If your puppy is under 10 weeks of age when we start their course of vaccinations, they will need 3 injections. The second injection will be done 2 weeks after the first and the third injection will be 4 weeks after the first. 
If your puppy is over 10 weeks of age when we start their course of vaccinations, they will need 2 injections. Their second injection will be 4 weeks after their first. 
Should puppies go out for walks before their first course of vaccinations? 
Until your puppy completes their course of vaccination injections they are at risk of contracting the harmful diseases. Please ask our vets about when and where your puppy can go while they are in the initial vaccination course period. 
Should we vaccinate against Kennel Cough as well? 
Download our Puppy Guide below to find out more. 
Want to learn more? 
Click on the link below to download the Puppy Healthcare Guide 

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