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Neutering Your Puppy  

Neutering Your Puppy 
What is neutering? 
Neutering is the removal of the sex organs from either females (spaying) or males (castration). This prevents them from being able to produce puppies and can prevent some unwanted behaviours. 
When can we neuter puppies? 
The guidance for the best time to neuter your dog now varies depending on their breed, our vets can advise on the best time for our puppy. We will need to examine your puppy before the surgery to make sure they are fit and healthy for the procedure so contact us to book an appointment or register your pupply online today. 
How long will the neutering procedure take? 
On the day of their procedure, we will usually get you to bring your puppy in to the practice to be admitted with one of our vets or nurses between 8:30am-9:15am (we can also offer transport from our Pickering surgery). Your puppy will have a health check to make sure they are fit for the procedure and you will be asked a few questions about their recent health. They will then be cared for by our nurses with lots of cuddles as we prepare them for their surgery. 
We will get you to give us a call in the afternoon (on the same day of the procedure) to arrange a time to collect your puppy. 
Do puppies have to be kept calm after their surgery? 
After their surgery, your puppy will usually have visible stitches in their skin which will need to be kept in for at least 10 days. During this time your puppy should have minimal exercise to reduce the chance of them damaging these stitches. Female puppies will have stiches in their muscles beneath the skin, muscle takes a little longer to heal than skin so female puppies are best kept rested for a further 7 days after their skin stitches are removed (17 days after their procedure in total). 
Does the surgery cause them pain? 
Puppies can feel a little woozy or uncomfortable for the first couple of days after their procedure, but this will be minimalised with the range of pain relief medications we can give. 
Does neutering puppies make them fat? 
Download our Puppy Guide below to find out more. 
Want to learn more? 
Click on the link below to download the Puppy Healthcare Guide 

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