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Worming Your Kitten  

Worming Your Kitten 
How do kittens get worms? 
Kittens can get roundworms from their mother’s milk and some eggs from their environment, they are microscopic and are often invisible to the naked eye. 
Why should we worm kittens? 
Roundworms are a cause of vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing and ill thrift in kittens. They would therefore prevent your kitten from getting all the nutrition they need to grow and thrive. Other worms invade different parts of their body and can cause multiple organ problems. 
When should we worm kittens? 
We recommend worming kitten every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Wormer is available in liquid form and is given for 3 days in a row. Adult cats should be wormed at least every 3 months against round and tape worm, depending on the product used. Wormers are generally in tablet form, but a spot-on variation is available on prescription. 
Unfortunately, many of the products available from pet shops aren’t reliable or effective. At Ryedale Vets we regularly review the products we advise for flea and tick prevention so that your kitten always has the best cover against these parasites. 
If you want to keep your kitten covered against worms throughout their life, our Health Plan can help. 
You can also register your kitten online today or you can contact us to speak to one of our friendly Ryedale Vets healthcare experts. 
How do we get rid of these nasty worms? 
Regularly worming your kitten with the best product advised by our vets will kill any worms that may have been picked up by your kitten and reduces the amount of eggs shed into your home and the environment. Please talk to one of our pet health professionals to find out which product is best for your kitten. 
Could your kitten have worms even if you've never seen them in their poo? 
Download our Kitten Guide below to find out more. 
Want to learn more? 
Click on the link below to download our Kitten Healthcare Guide. 

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