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Fleas and Ticks in Puppies  

Flea and Tick Treatments 
Why should we treat puppies against fleas and ticks? 
Fleas and ticks are little blood-sucking insects that live in the coat of your puppy (and often on cats too!). Severe infestations can be dangerous for your puppy when so much blood is sucked out by the parasites that not enough is left for your puppy! 
Flea bites commonly cause puppies to scratch which can lead to skin infections and perpetual irritation, when your puppy should really be playing and exploring. 
Ticks can carry diseases harmful to your puppy’s health and your own. Most notably Lyme disease, which can be fatal to humans as well as dogs. 
If you want to keep your puppy covered against fleas and ticks throughout their life, take a look at our Health Plan 
If your puppy isn’t scratching, could they still have fleas or ticks? 
Yes! Ticks especially don’t always cause puppies to scratch and not every dog scratches when they have fleas and ticks. 
If you would like to have a chat about flea and tick treatments for you puppy with one of our pet health professionals, please contact us or register online. 
When should we start treating puppies for fleas and ticks? 
Depending on their weight, puppies can be treated from 8 weeks of age to prevent them getting fleas. 
What should we treat puppies with to prevent them getting fleas and ticks? 
Download our Puppy Guide below to learn more. 
Need to know more about fleas and ticks? 
Click on the link below to download the Puppy Healthcare Guide 

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