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Worming Your Puppy  

Worming Your Puppy 
How do puppies get worms? 
Puppies can pick up worm eggs from their environment, they are microscopic and are often invisible to the naked eye but can be carried in to our homes on shoes and clothing. Most puppies are infected with roundworms from the mother while they are in the womb or through the milk. These parasites attach themselves to the lining of your puppy’s intestine and steal nutrients from the food your puppy eats. They therefore prevent your puppy from getting all the nutrition they need to grow and thrive. Some worms will invade other parts of your puppy’s body and can cause multiple organ problems. 
Why should we worm puppies? 
Many of the worms found in puppies and dogs can be transferred to people too, which can be especially dangerous for children and the elderly. Worming your dog is an essential part of responsible dog ownership because of the effect worms can have on the health of vulnerable (human) individuals. 
Could your puppy have worms if you’ve never seen worms in your puppy’s poo? 
Yes! There are many different types of worms your puppy could have, most of them are microscopic so cannot be seen to the naked eye when shed in your puppy’s faeces. 
If you want to keep your pet covered against worms throughout their life, take a look at how our Health Plan can help. 
How do we get rid of these nasty worms? 
Regularly worming your puppy with the best product advised by our vets will kill any worms that may have been picked up by your puppy and reduces the amount of eggs shed in to your home and the environment. 
When should we worm puppies? 
Learn more in our Puppy Guide available to download below. 
Want to learn more? 
Click on the link below to download the Puppy Healthcare Guide 

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