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Plants have been used for thousands of years to treat disease. We use modern herbal medicine to help reduce the side effects of conventional treatments and help chronic conditions in dogs and cats. Our vet Katie Longmire is a fully-qualified herbalist and belongs to the British Association of Veterinary Herbalists. 
Conditions herbal medicine can help with the following: 
Physical conditions 
Skin problems 
Muscular pain 
Anal gland (and) 
Thyroid problems 
Liver disease and failure 
Renal failure 
Prostatic disease 
Inflammatory bowel disease 
Brain ageing and senility 
Chronic coughing 
Behavioural problems 
Firework anxiety 
Separational anxiety 
Helping the pet 
during chemotherapy 
for chronic steroid use 
for chronic pain 
How does herbal medicine work? 
Modern drugs often just use one ingredient. This can lead to side effects. However in herbal medicine, different medicinal plants contain different molecules. One may have a therapeutic effect and another could help alleviate side effects from conventional drugs. 
Katie will discuss symptoms, diet and behaviour before choosing the right blend for your pet from around 60 different plant extracts. 
Is herbal medicine the same as homeopathy? 
No, homeopathy involves highly diluted substances to treat the body. 
Who can use herbal medicine? 
It is legal for pet owners to give their own animal a herbal product. However only vets can prepare remedies made up especially for your pet. 
Can't I just buy herbal medicines at the chemists? 
Yes, but over the counter products can be inferior as they have no standardised quality control. They may also react badly with other herbal or conventional treatments. 
How long is a course of herbal medicine? 
To begin with, all patients are given a two week course before we assess its impact. Any feedback is then taken into account, and any changes can be made to the formulation to best suit your pet. 
What type of herbal medicine do you use? 
We use liquid extracts where the plant is mashed up and processed to retain its essential natural compounds. The products we use are exclusive to trained herbalists. The active ingredients in each extract is precisely measured and follows strict standards. 
PLEASE NOTE: If you are not currently registered with Ryedale Vets, we will be required to request your pet's clinical history from your current vet. 
How do you administer the herbal medicine? 
Usually the patient needs to take the liquid extract three times a day. It can be mixed with the main meal or with yoghurt. 
Can herbal medicine be used at the same time as conventional 
It depends on the treatments involved. Katie can assess this. 
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