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Are you worried by a strange lump or bump on your animal? We can provide quick results through cytology. It can also help us diagnose skin diseases, ear infections and wounds that won't heal properly. 
What is cytology? 
Cytology is the study of cells. We collect a sample from the patient and then look at it under the microscope. 
How do you collect the cells? 
We insert a small needle to draw out some sample cells to test. 
Will the animal need anaesthetic? 
No, the animal can remain conscious as it hurts no more than having a vaccination. 
What happens to the cells? 
Our vet Vicky puts them on a slide and views them under a microscope in our laboratory. 
What do the cells reveal? 
The cells can show what the lump is made of, and this tells us how best to treat it. 
What happens if it is a tumour? 
Then the results will help us work out how serious it is and whether it needs to be removed by surgery or not. 
Is it expensive? 
A cytology test is inexpensive, especially as we don't need to put your pet under anaesthetic. 
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