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See a vet from the comfort of your home! 
We are now pleased to be able to offer you online video consultations with our own vets, allowing you to access our expert advice from while maintaining social distancing at this difficult time. All you need is a either a smartphone or a computer with webcam + microphone. Follow these simple steps to book your video consultation: 
1) Please fill out the form below and we will email you an invitation to register with VetHelpDirect which you must do as soon as possible (you may have to chck your Spam folder). Alternatively, you can give us a call to make your request. 
2) Once you've registered, we can email you a link to attend a 15 minute online video consultation with one of our vets. We offer this consultation at a reduced cost of £25 with payment taken online through VetHelpDirect.  
3) If the vet has to refer you to see a vet at one of our practices, the £25 charge will be credited towards the cost of a standard consultation. 
Please start by giving us some of your details: 
Please give us some details of the pet you'd like us to see: 
N.B. While we will always try our best to organise an appointment in line with you're request, the availability of our vets will dictate the time we can offer. Thank you for your understanding. 
After you have submitted this form, our reception will send an email to register with VetHelpDirect. Once you've registered, we will send another email containing your appointment time and a link which you must click to attend. 
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