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We treat flocks ranging from the hobby farmer's dozen sheep to those of more than a thousand, including Commercial, Hill and Pedigree flocks. 
Healthy flocks 
Flock health planning and preventative medicine are the cornerstone of good sheep flock management. As every farm has a different system, we write each flock health plan from scratch. 
Liz Curtis is our vet with a particular interest in sheep work and is currently working towards a sheep certificate. 
The right wormer for your flock 
Please speak to our vets or SQP about which wormer is most suitable for you to use. Wormer resistance is a growing problem and we take dispensing of wormers seriously and do not believe in using wormers unnecessarily 
We can easily order you the most suitable product in the right size for the next day if we don't have it in stock. 
What we offer 
Ram vasectomies at the practice 
Faecal egg counts by our SQPS 
We can lamb ewes or ceasereans at the practice 
Flock health plans 
Sheep contracts 
Sheep Contracts - what are they? 
Since 2013 we have offered our sheep clients a contract service which allows the vets and farmers to have a better working relationship whilst also benefitting the sheep. 
In exchange for a monthly or annual fee, sheep contract clients receive a range of services including; 
Faecal egg counts 
Post mortems 
Lameness assessments 
Pre lambing nutritional profiling 
Full flock health plan 
Lambing pack 
As well as discounts on visits and drugs. 
Sheep factsheets 
Dowload one of our free information sheets by clicking one of these links: 
For more information please contact us by telephone 
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